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Kama Co Ltd 


    We of the Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as "the company") in June 19, 1998 in Shanghai, Pudong New Area registered, the total share capital of 640000000 shares, company B in June 24, 1998 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange.2008 April, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation through acquisition to become the controlling shareholder of the company. 
   In recent years, the company through speeding up the industrial structure and product structure adjustment, promoting have into have retreat, gradually withdrew from the excessive competition in the market of agricultural products, formed a truck, medium and small power multipurpose diesel engines, engineering (mining) machinery, machine tools, small machinery and electronic products and the import and export trade business six.Company strategic positioning is: to serve the "three rural" for the purpose, to the truck, the supporting power to wait "3 farming" equipment is dominant, association of industrial development, adhere to the "professionalism, diversity, fine" product competition strategy, go "rapid response, cost leadership, effective coordination" development Road, as with the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industrial group, to become subdivided industry leading, domestic well-known excellent listing Corporation.