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Truck is one of the main businesses of the company. After years of development, the truck has a certain scale, and has built the modern chemical plant and the most advanced production line in China. At present, a small, light, medium and heavy cargo vehicle has been formed. It has a variety of types, such as flat plate, dump, van type, storehouse type and so on. Among them, the "Kama" brand, the truck has a certain market position.
The company attaches great importance to the development of the engine business, combined with the needs of the development of the times, increasing investment in scientific research, combining independent research and development with cooperative development, introducing and absorbing advanced international technology, has formed a rich product range, covering more than ten horsepower to hundreds of horsepower. "Laidong engine" brand has an important influence in the industry, the large diameter single cylinder machine production and sales ranked the forefront of the country. "Wuxi Kama" single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine occupies 60% share of the domestic market, and exported to Europe and the United States and other more than 100 countries and regions.
Mechanical engineering is the development of the company's business, including hydraulic excavator, static pile pressing machine, long spiral drill, rotary drilling rig, horizontal directional drilling, rotary drilling rig, underground scraper, mining multiple categories of loaders, cranes, hundreds of kinds of specifications, excellent products and quality service to win customers. Favor. "Nanchang Kama" drills the domestic market share ranked first in the industry, the domestic excavator market share among the top three industries.

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Kama Limited by Share Ltd was established in June 19, 1998 in Shanghai, Pudong New Area registered a total capital of 640 million shares, the company shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in June 24, 1998.
In April 2008, the China Hi-Tech Group Corporation became a controlling shareholder through a stock acquisition

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Internal-combustion engine
Small mechanical and electrical products